a passion for coffee and a call into pastoral ministry combine in this café latte/coffee culture review blog

Before I seriously began the journey of following Jesus, my knowledge of coffee was basically Necafé Blend 43…., yeah – I know!!!…But thanks to careful, considered people who not only took it upon themselves to disciple me in the ways of Jesus, but also convinced me that ‘life is too short for instant coffee‘ I now, more often than not, combine my two passions where possible.

Until I began formal Pastoral Ministry in 2003, coffee was an occasional luxury beverage – shared with friends on special occasions – however, I quickly learnt that coffee – good quality coffee – created an atmosphere that allowed the important, deep conversations about faith, life, the universe and everything to progress. It even made meetings more palatable! But also, along side good quality coffee, you needed the right ambiance, good service and reasonable prices, so that mid conversation you didn’t have to relocate for quiet or more reasonably priced coffee.

Also important in pastoral ministry, is finding those quiet little coffee shops where you can escape too for a few hours of solid, quiet reflective reading – accompanied of course, by good coffee.

So it is hoped that this blog will share stories and reviews of where you can get a good quality Café latte (my beverage of choice), how much you can expect to pay, who the supplier of coffee is, whether the coffee is FairTrade or not (ethics are important) – and perhaps what each Café is best suited for (easy chats, deep and meaningfuls, study and reflection).

If you would like to become a roving reporter (pro bono* of course) – then please let me know.

* pro bono – will (a) mean you will do it for the love of coffee, and (b) you are a fan of U2.  These are of course negotiable – or at least the second one is.
  1. Hi, just searching wordpress for café blogs and landed here. You’re welcome to come and have a latte in our café. Café Obsession in Trafalgar Victoria. A little way from where you hail from… but worth it. We’re using a locally roasted Swig Coffee. You’ll have to figure out for yourself whether it’s our expertise or the fact that we try to swirl a bit of the real love of Christ into every cup that makes it taste so good. Enjoy the journey~ Phoebe

  2. Hi Phoebe. I’d love to come and check out ‘Café Obsession’ and try your locally made coffee – can you tell me – where is Trafalgar? If you have a website, feel free to include a link.
    Grace, Peace and good coffee – Saemon C.

  3. Hi There,

    Alan here from BestAussieCoffee.com. Firstly, thanks for linking to my site – I appreciate the support!

    And more importantly, although I am not a religious person I have to say that I respect and 100% agree with your coffee ethos. Sitting down at a cafe with a quality cup of coffee and watching the world go by is my favourite of all past times. I have often pondered the questions of the universe at such a place only to have the whole thing soured by by a terrible coffee. Hopefully with blogs like this cafe’s everywhere will raise their standards and we will all live happily ever after.

    All the best in your life journey.

  4. Thanks for the comment Alan – and thanks for your website!

    If you can recommend any cafes in SA that I need to sit in, sample the good things in life, and just watch the world around me – please let me know. I’ll travel a long way for a good coffee.

    Life is too short for instant!!

    Peace on your journey!

  5. Hi, thank you for the mention yesterday on beanhunter.

    Please do intro yourself next time you are at jetty food store or even let me know when you are coming over to Normanville for a visit..I would love to have a chat and hear your thoughts about our direction/evolution of the store.

    Living life well on the coast.

  6. Hi Peta

    Thanks for your comment – and the next time I am over your way I will. I hope you had a chance to read my full review of the Jetty Food Store on this blog – just use the search function. I spent a week at Carrickalinga earlier in the year, so I reviewed a few places in and around Normanville & Yank. Keep up the good work – and if you ever wanted to start a similar place over in Goolwa, I am sure no one would protest!!

    Salaam – Sae (sounds like Sigh).

  7. Cheers Sae,
    Love to chat soon.

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