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Fair Dinkum Café – Kadina, SA

11 Graves Street, Kadina, SA, 5554

During a very short break over on the Copper Coast, I struggled to find a place where I could – not just enjoy a coffee, but actually purchase one.  After checking the Yellow Pages, and the Tourism information the three that they recommended were all closed on a Monday afternoon…so eventually I ended up – through sheer determination of driving around till I found signs of life, purchasing a latte from the Fair Dinkum Café.  By the look of things, this is a fairly new place in Kadina and I would suggest, that as long as they actually open their doors – they should do a roaring trade.

Latte Quality – Good – plenty of room for improvement, but nonetheless it was drinkable – and it didn’t scold my tongue, which considering my earlier holiday experiences was a good thing.

Cost – $4.50 – which is very expensive in comparison – a small is $4.00

Coffee Supplier – Amanti

Fair Trade – No.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat, Deep and Meaningful, Study – Definitely – there were plenty of tables, with plenty of space between them – with the possibility of many more – there was also some outside seating, and no blaring music.

The Great Ocean Road Deli – Apollo Bay, VIC

141 The Great Ocean Road, Apollo Bay, VIC, 3233

After a delicious lunch of Seafood Marinara, I just had to try the coffee in this very friendly Café (it calls itself The Great Ocean Road Deli – but is more Café come Restaurant).  With views of the Apollo Bay Main Street, the Ocean and the rolling green hills, this is a great place to come and relax over a fine meal, or a coffee and cake.  If you are missing your Facebook, then are three PCs that can be used as well as wireless internet for the shaky traveller.  During the winter months you can just rock up and enjoy the food, coffee and service – but in the warmer months, it would be best to book!

Latte Quality – Good.

Cost – $3.80 for regular, $4.50 for mug

Coffee Supplier – Amanti Coffee

Fair Trade – No

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat/Deep and Meaningful/Study and Reflection – Yes – plenty of seating both indoors and out.  The music is easily spoken over (Michael Bublé/Robert Miles) and read into.  Although, best to avoid in the summer months if you need the privacy.

Café Lime gourmet foodstore – Goolwa, SA

Shop 1/11 Goolwa Terrace, Goolwa, SA, 5214

You may have guessed by the new location of the majority of the cafés, that I have recently moved house, and therefore have been on blogging (but not coffee) hiatus.  However, since moving I have visited this café twice and have been impressed both times.  On the first occasion I enjoyed a second breakfast, while  being interviewed by a reporter from ‘The Times’ and than last Friday, while suffering from Hermenutic constipation I ventured back.  Café Lime is easy to find spot, as it is just off the main street with Lime green latice work on the roof, and a lime green wall inside.  They are a highly awarded café (food and barrista), so perhaps worth a look next time you are visiting Goolwa.

Latte Quality – Good.  A little hot and strong I managed to scold my tongue, which altered my taste buds for the rest of the day.

Cost – $3.50 ($4.00 for large) – so on the high side, and the large really isn’t that large.

Coffee SupplierAmanti Coffee

Fair Trade – No. No mention in store, or on the Amanti website.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat – The two times I have been in there, I would definitely say ‘Yes’
  • Deep and Meaningful – again, Yes – see above.
  • Study and Reflection – During the quiet times this would be a great place to hit the books – but I suspect it would be very busy around meal times, and during the school/summer holidays.
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