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the green room on high street – Willunga, SA – UNM

2 High Street, Willunga, SA, 5172 – Under New Management

This is my second review of the green room on high street. I felt it needed another go, not because my previous experience was bad – quite the opposite – but it needed a second review because in the last few months it has under gone a change of management and a change in direction. Click HERE for original review and comparison.

So what, other then that aforementioned, has changed – it seems, quite a bit. Gone is the eclectic mix of  café come studio come haberdashery come interesting nic-nac come alternative hang out come, and in its place is a fairly typical looking open plan café.   Also gone is my favourite Black Mountain Coffee.  With plenty of tables and chairs, and now with the addition of a comfy looking couch, the green room looks less willunga and more Unley, O’Connell Street or Hawthorn.  Not sure if they have changed the food department – my previous experience wasn’t the best, but today it was just about the coffee.

Latte Quality – Good – It was a little on the weak side, but that could have been something to do with the size of the cup – HUGE – and it was a perfect temperature.

Cost – $3.50 – for a cup which is around the mark.  $5.50 for a large takeaway.

Coffee Supplier – Villeré Coffee from neighbouring McLaren Vale/Blewitt Springs.

Fair Trade –  No – no mention in store, nor any mention on the Villeré website.

Customer Service –  – average – pretty much what you would expect – you go away neither blown away by the experience, nor complaining about it;  When I was finally noticed by someone (about 3 mins) I had two people ask to serve me at the same time – however the barista who I stood all of two feet away from, was not feeling talkative – or would even look beyond what she was doing.

Special Notes: Similar to the Coffee Barun, their take away cups are the BioCup brand.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Meeting – Quiet Chat – Study and Reflection – As I ventured in on a Farmer’s Market day – the place was pretty quiet (in comparison to last time) and there are plenty of tables both inside and out , and a back garden area for the kids and I am sure it would be a great place for such pastoral activities during the week.

The Organic Market and Café – Stirling, SA

5 Druids Avenue, Stirling, SA, 5251

This is a follow up review to one of the very first I completed back in June 2009, as I had the opportunity and the desire to visit The Organic Market and Cafe on August 5th, because they were one of only four cafes in South Australia to signup to the CaféSmart promotion.

The Organic Market and Café is still a very comfortable, very trendy little Cafe – attached to an Organic Market nestled in a side street, off the main tree lined street of the picturesque and pricey, Stirling.  Parking is still a problem, but that is typical of Stirling at most times of the year. A good thing to do is park up near the steam engine playground, and enjoy the short walk to the Café.

As you do the rounds of the food/coffee review websites, this place seems to get many comments which align with my experience – in that, customer service is not a priority.  After ordering my coffee, I was ignored – do I stand and wait? do I sit down and wait ? – they didn’t ask for a name, so I assumed to should hang around close to the front – because we are all crammed in tight, I was required to move to my left by an assertively sighing waitress whose flow towards the counter was interrupted by annoying customers just wanting to be served. Seriously folks – if you want to see how good customer service is done – visit The Two Bees in Victor Harbor, The Coffee Barun in Sefton Park, or La Terre in Willunga….

Latte Quality – Good – good temperature, good flavour and $1 of my cost went to a good cause.

Cost – $3.50 for a regular (pretty small) take away coffee – in one of the BIO Cups (fully compostable)

Coffee Supplier – Even after two years they still do not promote whose coffee they sell – so, while waiting I ask the barista who then dived under the table and came up with a bag of Vittoria Nero Blend – which is their standard coffee (not organic in any way, shape or form – it is standard ‘food service blend’ by Vittoria – however, they also have an organic bean which you must ask for – however this doesn’t happen very often I was told, and she didn’t know where the beans came from – although the bag and the hand writing on it look suspiciously like it came from ‘The Coffee Barun….

Fair Trade – No – Vittoria do not do a Fairtrade blend, although you can purchase a Rainforest Alliance Ground Coffee from supermarkets (although why, know one knows….)

Customer Service –   – acknowledged my presence and value as a carbon based entity – but not much more;

Special Notes – Their standard coffee is NOT organic – which seems to fly in the face of their name, and beliefs from their website – when you order a coffee, make sure you explicitly ask for their organic blend coffee – however, it may cost you a few cents more (not sure, but I do wonder….)

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat – No – a very busy place, with people coming and going regularly.
  • Deep and Meaningful – probably a good place for it – enough background noise to allow for safety in conversation topic, but quiet enough so you don’t have to keep repeating yourself.
  • Study and Reflection – being a really busy place, and with there sometimes being a wait on tables – it is probably not the best place for that.

The Coffee Barun – Sefton Park, SA

217-219 Main North Rd (cnr Third Ave), Sefton Park,   SA,   5083

It is not very often that a third party café recommendation comes any where near the rap that it was given – you know the drill, “Sae” (well perhaps not that part, cos that is just me) but they say “[insert name here] you have just got to try the ‘so and so café’ it was the best coffee ever – latte bliss in your mouth – friendly staff, great atmosphere – the works!” – and then you go, and the place serves Nescafe Blend 43 (or equivalent) from a dripolator – with powered milk on the side…??? Sound familiar???

Well, now I have had a café recommendation that not only met expectations – but exceeded them so much, you could barely see them in the distance!!  Thanks to Josh [click on the link and check out the new website] – who recommended The Coffee Barun – it was coffee person’s heaven – it was like what all serious coffee places should be like!!  Plenty of tables, comfortable seats, clean floors (see previous detailed review below), friendly knowledgeable staff – and you are literally surrounded by all things coffee.  The only down side that I can see is (1) the location – it is north of the city, hence a long was from me and (2) the location – it was really hard to find and then get into – but if you really like coffee, it is worth it!  Trust Me!

Latte Quality – Excellent – Lattastic – because of my previous commitment to you my reader (you know who you are) not to go overboard, I will need to go back to try them again before I declare that they make Adelaide’s best coffee – but……

Cost – $4.00 – for a large – and it was VERY large – good value for money.  I ordered a large because it was my first cup for the afternoon and I had a 100km trip home ahead of me.

Coffee Supplier – They roast their own – in house – The Coffee Barun

Fair Trade – No mention of Fairtrade in store – but they have both Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance beans available for purchase via the website.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat, Deep and Meaningful, Study and Reflection – Absolutely – I was there from 2-3pm on a Monday afternoon – and there was the two of us, and two other tables with customers on them.

If it wasn’t for geography, I’d be there every week for sermon prep – I hope it will becomes the new coffee place of the Conference HQ staff as it is just 5 mins walk up the road. They also have a kid friendly indoor play area, and a few tables outside – not sure about parking, I ended up in the Northpark Plaza carpark, across the road and down a bit. I can’t wait to go back or Please, please, please open a store on the South Coast – preferably on my side of the hills….

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