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South Australian Coffee???

Surely there are more than 58 places in Adelaide where you can buy a coffee?  Yet that is ‘all she wrote’ according to the latest updates on the Beanhunter.  According to their South Australian based users, we have less cafes worth drinking in and/or writing about then does the Gold Coast (61) and Canberra (68).  Yes you read right – according to the Beanhunter, there are more and better coffee vending establishments in our nations capital then there are in RADelaide – the coffee capital of the southern hemisphere (just don’t tell Melbourne).

Come on people – do your state a favour – do what Rann couldn’t (a bit of political commentary there – haha)  – do what Craig couldn’t (a bit of sport commentary there) – raise your state’s profile above the Gold Coast and Canberra – make us proud – list your favourite cafe on the Beanhunter (even list your least favourite cafe – at least then others will know to avoid it) and let us get Adelaide above Canberra.

First the Gold Coast, then Canberra…then the world!!!!

No.58 Cellar Door & Gallery – Port Elliot, SA

58 Waterport Road, Port Elliot, SA, 5212

Now I may need to offer a foreword to this review because of two factors:

  1. This place has been recommended to me as ‘the best new place for coffee on the coast’ by so many people, which tends to influence a review; and
  2. Until now, every time I have made the effort to head there for a coffee, they have been closed.

On this rainy Monday, as I turned my thoughts towards my next preaching series after my return from paternity leave (my wife and I are expected our second child to be born any minute now – literally), I grabbed a new book that was delivered with first mail of the day and headed out for a coffee or two as I spent the Monday morning recovering from the Sunday before.  So with “Reclaiming the ImaginationThe Exodus as Paradigmatic Narrative for Preaching“under my arm, I ventured down to Port Elliot for stop one.

No.58 appears from a quick glance as you go roaring past on the Port Elliot by-pass as a new shed in paddock of vines – and in reality it is – however it is a funky shed, with a deck set next to a uniquely misshapen old pine tree, an almost mighty red gum and then surrounded by a field of vines.  No.58 is a Cellar Door and Gallery which opened sometime last summer and doubles as a coffee place for those stuck between Middleton and Victor Harbor.  This fully lined shed, is furnished with an eclectic bunch of furniture, ranging from leather lounges to rustic kitchen tables/chairs to wicker furniture with the walls covered by pieces of local art – and – the pièce de résistance – is the roaring nectare fire place.  When I arrived, the only person in earshot was on his way out – and despite protestations to the contrary, seemed reluctant to actually have a customer (I was the only one who was there for the entire hour) who desired a coffee and a place to work – but anyway….

Latte Quality – Good – it was a very strong coffee, and has a slightly burnt taste to it – perhaps over extracted?

Cost – $3.50 – which is spot on the money for a regular latte these days – although the glass was on the smaller side of the scale.

Coffee Supplier – Rio Coffee

Fairtrade – No indication that what I was drinking was Fairtrade – although Rio do do three distinctive Fairtrade Organic Blends.

Special Notes – this had confused me, because it was popular but seemed to never be open – but now we know.  Open in school holidays – 7 days 10am-5pm – and then Friday-Saturday 10am-5pm, and Sunday-Monday 10am-4pm

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat, Deep and Meaningful, Study – absolutely. As mentioned above I was the only person there for over an hour – the chairs were comfortable, the fire was lovely – if the coffee had been better I may still have been there now!  There is plenty of space inside, although I suspect that during school holidays and in the finer weather the place would quickly become crowded.

Currency Creek Estate – Currency Creek, SA

Winery Road, Currency Creek, SA, 5214

It has been nearly 18 months since our lounge room floor was graced with the presence of Steve – and it was he who suggested that my next coffee review should be out at Currency Creek – a place, where earlier that day we have been doing some wine tasting, while on our ‘welcome to region – we have been here less than a month – wine tasting and thai food tour – with Steve who was the only Minister from CoC who welcomed us to SA when we moved’ – we were going to get T-Shirts printed, but the titled went round it twice.  Any Who – in the need to get my first assignment piece done for this seventh to last unit on my second Master’s degree done – I took a study day just to read and drink coffee, and ended up out at Currency Creek.  They have been promoting their ‘coffee and cake’ service via a sign on the Strath to Goolwa road since we have been down here, so I was surprised – when you consider I couldn’t get a park in the car park, to discover that I was the only person there for coffee (it was a Tuesday afternoon) – but there was a great deal of laughter coming from the wine tasting area.  The staff was very friendly – there was only one – a very friendly woman who looked after my coffee needs, whilst also lubricating the tourists with the best of what Currency Creek Winery has to offer.  I took my seat – all alone with a view of the lush green grass which rolled its way down the hill towards the creek known for its Currency. Unless you want to die from a sugar induced coma – don’t try ‘Caramel Sin’ – oh, man!

Latte Quality – Good – Excellent.  I was a bit dubious considering all the tasks that she had to perform – but it was good.

Cost – $3.50 – for a large latte glass

Coffee Supplier – Andronicus – I know – aka Nestle – yuck. 

Fair Trade – Nope – did I mention it was Nestle?

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat/Deep and Meaningful/Study and Reflection – Absolutely – I was pretty much all alone in a great big room – which had the potential for a roaring fire in its centre – the only down side was that being the only person there, the music had no where to go but to me – so the Michael Buble which was followed by Guy Sebastian – kind of sucked, but I worked through it.  Of course every time I hear Buble sing “I did it my way’ – I can’t help but associate that with Roxburgh’s “Missional Change Model”

The Mill – Middleton, SA

29 Mill Terrace, Middleton, SA, 5213

Having driven past the sign a number of times on weekends, I was looking forward to an opportunity to finally sample the coffee at this extraordinarily interesting looking building.  Now I know that we do not have a great deal of european history in Oz (at least not in comparison to other parts of the world – 220 years or so) but I always find the insides of old mills and factories – especially ones that are now being used for other purposes, to be fascinating. And this one is no exception – as it is now an occasional wine bar, cellar door, café and purveyor of  50s, 60s, and 70s furniture.  I visited the Mill on Sunday afternoon with a group of ladies from church, who like me, weren’t really in the mood for a hit of tennis or a surf – and so we ventured forth and infiltrated this play of purveyance to negotiate the vending of some caffeinated combustibles.

Latte Quality – Good – good colour, bit too much foam – but it was ok.

Cost – $3.00 – for a standard sized cup.

Coffee Supplier – Villeré Coffee – from the McLaren Vale

Fair Trade – No mention in the café nor on the website

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat/Deep and Meaningful/Study and Reflection – A good possibility – however, the mill is only open on weekends 10am – 4pm according to their printed material, but also on Fridays according to their website – click HERE for more.  So on long weekend my guess is the place would be packed – and they have occasional live music.

Bracegirdle’s – McLaren Vale, SA

Inside Oxenberry Farm Cellar Door Complex – 26 Kangarilla Rd, McLaren Vale

This place had been given a HUGE build up by a friend/brother/colleague of mine so I approached the experience with trepidation, fully expecting my expectations to be found wanting as is the case in so many coffee houses – boy was I wrong.   Well to begin with, its in McLaren Vale – the Barossa of the South – so already it is on the right track.  Bracegirdle’s is part of the Oxenberry Farm Cellar Door complex, so at one end of the room you have wine tasting (something I didn’t partake on this occasion – but must do in the future) and at the other end you have the coffee/chocolate of which Bracegirdles are famous for in SA.  The setting is beside a gently sloping grassed area which leads to a lake, surrounded by vines with views of the lower Adelaide Hills in the background…nice (or as they say in SA ‘Heaps Good!’)

Latte Quality – Excellent – good colour, good foam thickness and with a nice ‘leaf’ design on top – Bracegirdles are widely awarded for the quality and skill of their barristas.

Cost – $5.00 for a large mug – which is expensive, but the volume of said mug is expansive.

Coffee Supplier – I was informed that their coffee was produced inhouse – however, their website indicates that the coffee is source from a Melbourne Coffee company called Atomica.

Fair Trade – No.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat – We were the only two there in the mid to late Wednesday afternoon – so a definite Yes.
  • Deep and Meaningful – again, Yes – see above.  There is also outdoor seating with views of the lake.
  • Study and Reflection – As long as it wasn’t school holidays and it was during the working week this would be a great place to do some quiet reflection and/or reading.  A great location for a personal retreat day!!
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