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Free Fresh Coffee Beans!

Free Fresh Coffee Beans Delivered to your Door

In celebration of the Make Coffee Not War Facebook page reaching the 50 likes mark and the Make Coffee Not War Twitter feed reaching the 50 followers mark, I will give away to a randomly selected ‘liker’ (person who has indicated their general approval of the idea of Make Coffee Not War) and follower 500g of my favourite Coffee Beans.

As it stands today, the Make Coffee Not War Facebook page has 38 likes, so only 12 to go – spread the word and you could be drinking some awesome free coffee!!  If it were to go off today, the lucky winner would get to choose between either 500s of an Ethiopian Sidamo from The Coffee Barun, or the BlackMountain blend from Queensland’s Coffeeworks.  However with an order on the way from boutique roaster, Barossa Valley Roasters – who knows what it will be when we reach the magical, mystical 50 mark.

So spread the word – click like, and  follow us on Twitter.

McCoffee is the best? Really???

This from today’s Herald Sun via the Adelaide Advertiser….

A STORM is brewing in the nation’s coffee chains after McDonald’s top-scored in a battle of the baristas.

The fast food giant better known for fries and burgers beat specialty rivals to snatch best coffee house honours in a consumer survey.  McCafe trumped Gloria Jean’s, Hudsons, Muffin Break and The Coffee Club, according to the Canstar Blue poll.  The tick comes just three months after McDonald’s apologised for the sorry state of its coffee and promised to improve.  McCafe got top marks for overall satisfaction and price, tied with Michel’s on service, and came equal first with Perth-based Dome for taste.  The survey revealed 10 per cent of Australians find coffee withdrawal symptoms worse than going without cigarettes, and have tried unsuccessfully to give up their caffeine habit.  To read more, including some interesting comments click HERE

A couple of things on this article:

  1. I would hardly call any of those ‘speciality rivals’ a specialty coffee places – they are mass producing coffee franchises – who, as I am sure you have all experienced do not produce consistently great coffee – but perhaps we could call them passable. It is generic coffee.  Specialty coffee places are your smaller concerns who purchase their beans from origin – perhaps even attend the cup of excellence – roast locally and with consciousness and dedicated baristas serve you a coffee that they long for you to enjoy – see Coffee By The Beans or The Coffee Barun or the Coffee Branch.
  2. Really??  You expect us to believe that this was a genuine survey and not an attempt by the McDonalds Corporation to move past their national apology?

If there are no further posts on this blog, then perhaps I was right with point 2?  Have a great coffee and a great day!!


World Barista Championship – Bogotá 2011

One day….one day.

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