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Duthy Street Deli Café – Unley, SA

23-31 Duthy Street, Unley, SA, 5061

I used to live not far from this place – back in the day – and I am not sure what it used to be then, but I am also glad this wasn’t here – because it may have affected my coffee habits.  Big and Black is the best way to describe the Duthy Street Deli Café – seemingly to stick out of its  leafy green surrounds which glazed black tiles both inside and out.  It was really hard to gauge what this place is really like because lighting was pretty dim inside, and despite it being pretty quite we had to wait a while to get service – and then wait even longer until they brought out the coffee – calling my colleague’s large cappu a large latte – at least they recognised my beverage – it just took about 10 minutes.  It seems that getting the right thing to the right people constitutes a problem because we were asked another two times if we had ordered such and such – but alas she never did return – as my colleague suggested – with the same item for free.

Latte Quality – Good – not great, but just a little better that passable.  Wasn’t that keen on seconds. Read the rest of this entry

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