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cafe NOVA – Fitzroy, VIC

307 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, VIC, 3065

This was a great place to end our final day in Melbourne – after we had enjoyed the great food and hospitality at Joe’s Garage, we wandered and experienced the sights and sounds – and a great second hand book store – of Brunswick Street, before settling on cafe NOVA for coffee.  Being that the night was balmy, we were able to sit outside and enjoy the ambiance of bumper to bumper traffic, the noxious smells from cars in serious need of TLC [not the Truth and Liberation Concern], the traffic halting congestion that can only be caused by a tram on a narrow street, all the while be bathed in the warmth of brake light theatre – ahh, Melbourne – although all that fun could explain while staff seemed to want to be anywhere but at work…  Seriously, it looks like Brunswick Street could have any number of great cafés on it, and I am sure that they could all do with a trip to two to Adelaide to learn now to properly make the stuff 😉

Latte Quality – Excellent – the best of my time in Melbourne, with a subtle nutty flavour.

Cost – $3.50 – for a ‘regular’ sized latte – although I would describe it being smallish…

Coffee SupplierDimattina Coffee – from Melbourne’s northern suburbs

Fair Trade – No mention at NOVA – not any obvious mention on Dimattina’s website

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat, Deep and Meaningful, Study and Reflection – possibly a venue for all of these purposes if you picked you time appropriately and were disciplined enough not keep  looking around at all the sites and sounds.

While we were there, we were sound witnesses [as in we heard the sound of her hitting the ground and surmised the rest] of a nasty accident between a female cyclist and the bitumen coating of Brunswick street.  Fully decked out in her cycling gear – down to the lock in shoes on the pedals, this cyclist decided she would move across the street running parallel with the tram tracks – rather than hitting them at 90 degrees – her front tyre got wedged in the tracks and over she went – head first into the street – luckily for her, there was no car close by to add to her woe, and as luck would have it there was am EMT Paramedic sitting in his car directly opposite where she hit the ground – he was by her side in less than one minute. We prayer for her as we walked back to the car, and pray that she is doing alright.

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