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The Edinburgh Hotel & Cellars – Mitcham, SA

1-7 High Street, Mitcham, SA, 5062

So…not wanting to be too exclusive here, and only review lattes from recognised cafés, bakeries, cellar doors, coffee wholesalers, galleries, markets, restaurants, bars & lounges – not to mention the occasional cheese makers [blessed are they….], I happened to have a coffee in the side bar come garden restaurant of the Edinburgh Hotel & Cellars the other day, and thought ‘why not do a review’ – hence what follows.

The Edinburgh Hotel & Cellars is a south eastern suburbs stalwart in the hotel industry – being known for great food and hospitality.  Did you know they also do weddings under the drive through?  They do – I kid you not – I have officiated at one!  There is also a nice little garden, which is popular for weddings in the warmer months, and then across the car park is the front bar [read standard pub] and then the side bar/restaurant area which do great meals at reasonable prices – and also coffee.

Latte Quality – Good heading towards Excellent – presentation was really ordinary with a third of my latte residing on the saucer before I even got to drink it, and the first mouthful seemed to indicate that I had been given an instant coffee – but by the time I was half way through I was really like the subtitles of the flavours – nutty with a hint of chocolate.

Cost – $4.00 – which is above average overall, but probably about right for the location.

Coffee Supplier – Monjava Coffee

Fair Trade – No – nothing at the Edinburgh and nothing via the Monjava website

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat, Deep and Meaningful, Study – only if you are going to sit outside – and this time of year you wouldn’t want to do that – save it for Spring/Summer – and the inside bar is suitable for a chat, but only the loud short sentenced type chats that generally happen in a bar
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