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Blu C Cafe – Christies Beach, SA

1/13 Beach Road, Christies Beach, SA, 5165

Location, location, location – potential, potential, potenial – I mean check out the view from the café – uninterrupted ocean views of Spencer Gulf, a beautiful park with playground – the inside of the Blu C Cafe was nice – but that is about all the good things I can say.  And I don’t like to be negative – do a search on ‘Bad’ from the TAGS – and see what I mean.

Latte Quality – Bad – it was just…bad. My wife made me throw it away because of how much I complained about it.  For starters – the milk was already in the jug from who knows how long ago – being that I waited f0r 10 minutes and the customers already served had cool drinks…then the frothing wand on the machine was dirty – covered in dry milk from previous use – the milk was frothed then sat aside while the shot was poured – again, coffee was already ground in the hopper.  Check out the bubbles on the latte – photo before first sip.

Cost – $4.00 for regular

Coffee Supplier – Monjava Coffee

Fairtrade – No indication

Customer Service –    – acknowledged my presence and value as a carbon based entity – but not much more;  there was an employee at the counter when I walk in – she looked at me coming and left to go on a break – she came back twice to see if I was still waiting and then returned to her break. The other employee who also saw me enter, but went out the back on the other side of the shop, only came back in after I had rang the bell on the counter, twice.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat,  Deep and Meaningful, and/or Study and Reflection – As I said – the location and the potential of this place is just awesome – but bring your own coffee – or (dare I say it) go to Jamaica Blue or Gloria Jeans at Colonnades first.

The Edinburgh Hotel & Cellars – Mitcham, SA

1-7 High Street, Mitcham, SA, 5062

So…not wanting to be too exclusive here, and only review lattes from recognised cafés, bakeries, cellar doors, coffee wholesalers, galleries, markets, restaurants, bars & lounges – not to mention the occasional cheese makers [blessed are they….], I happened to have a coffee in the side bar come garden restaurant of the Edinburgh Hotel & Cellars the other day, and thought ‘why not do a review’ – hence what follows.

The Edinburgh Hotel & Cellars is a south eastern suburbs stalwart in the hotel industry – being known for great food and hospitality.  Did you know they also do weddings under the drive through?  They do – I kid you not – I have officiated at one!  There is also a nice little garden, which is popular for weddings in the warmer months, and then across the car park is the front bar [read standard pub] and then the side bar/restaurant area which do great meals at reasonable prices – and also coffee.

Latte Quality – Good heading towards Excellent – presentation was really ordinary with a third of my latte residing on the saucer before I even got to drink it, and the first mouthful seemed to indicate that I had been given an instant coffee – but by the time I was half way through I was really like the subtitles of the flavours – nutty with a hint of chocolate.

Cost – $4.00 – which is above average overall, but probably about right for the location.

Coffee Supplier – Monjava Coffee

Fair Trade – No – nothing at the Edinburgh and nothing via the Monjava website

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat, Deep and Meaningful, Study – only if you are going to sit outside – and this time of year you wouldn’t want to do that – save it for Spring/Summer – and the inside bar is suitable for a chat, but only the loud short sentenced type chats that generally happen in a bar

Signal Point Café – Goolwa, SA

see Loose Goose Café – Goolwa, SA – click HERE

Loose Goose Café – Goolwa, SA

by Loose Goose Food Design Ballast Stone Cellar Door Complex – Signal Point, Goolwa Wharf, SA, 5214

Also known locally as the ‘Signal Point Café’, this is the newest café to open in and around Goolwa and the South Coast – taking its place amongst the rebirth of the Signal Point Complex, that sits high above the Goolwa Wharf.  The café itself takes advantage of its high location, with plenty of seating to make the most of the elevated views up river, and down towards the barrages – you can also see what everyone is doing down at Hectors… Unfortunately, due to the nature of the building – it seems as though Loose Goose has been shoved into a hole in the wall (quite literally) – and it is from there, that they function – but one can assume that if their venture takes off, they may be able to stretch their wings in the true goose fashion…

Latte Quality – Good – not bad – but my socks stayed firmly on my feet.  [SEE COMMENT BELOW FOR UPDATE]

Cost – $3.50 – however it is on the small side

Coffee SupplierMonjava

Fair Trade – No mention in the café nor on the Monjava website.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat/Deep and Meaningful/Study and Reflection – Absolutely – I spent an hour or so here doing some preparatory reading for my first sermon in my ‘Sermon on the Mount’ series – you just need to ignore the gorgeous view!
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