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La Terre – Willunga, SA

44 High Street, Willunga, SA, 5172

Some people just know coffee.  And for me, Josh is one of those people – first it was ‘The Green Room on High Street’ then it ‘The Coffee Barun’ and today it was ‘La Terre.’  To his own credit, the first two recommendation were given after a great tell of in house testing on his behalf, and today – well, it was the first time for both of us.

La Terre Café is situated in the old Willunga Studios building, about a third of the way down the Willunga High Street, on the left hand side and according to their website, La Terre is both café and jardinage.*   The decor is rustic, yet funky – with a great open shelving system where you can by teas, coffee beans and other paraphernalia. Having been open now since September 2010, La Terre is becoming a popular place for locals, and a weekend attraction for the Lycra crowd, and the Farmer’s Market officianardos.  With a choice of two different coffee beans, and a plethora of teas – La Terre is another feather in the excellent quality café hat that is Willunga.

Latte Quality – Excellent! – which is the average score, minus that of the East German judge.  I had two coffees in the hour that I was there, and one was excellent and the other was between excellent and Lattastic!

Cost – $3.50 – which is about average for a regular size latte glass.  For a large (which is quite large) the price is $4.00

Coffee Supplier – Choice of two – First is an organic blend which is done for them under the name ‘La Terre’ and the other comes from ‘World Barista Champion’ Paul Bassett Espresso. I slightly preferred the Paul Bassett – but both were great!

Fair Trade – No indication in store, and nothing mentioned on the Paul Bassett website.

Special Notes – There was a wide selection of sweet things to eat on the counter – but we were both good – perhaps next time?

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat, Deep and Meaningful, Study – Absolutely – there is plenty of seating both inside and out – although it can get brisk during this time of year in Willunga.  The music was if the funky, easy listening atmospheric style – and Josh personally knew the artist, so that was nice.
* – for those like me who do not speak french [sorry – only had time for rudimentary German at high school, Bislama, Latin and Koine Greek] apparently Jardinage – is not a ‘dinage’ for jars – it is in fact a french noun which means gardening, as explained to me by the wonders of Google Translator.
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