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Port Elliot Bakery – Port Elliot, SA

31 North Terrace, Port Elliot, SA, 5212

The Port Elliot Bakery is one of those South Australian iconic locations when it comes to baked goods – for me, it is like the Marysville Bakery – it is just that good.  Being that good is probably why the customer service is just so BAD – because of their excellent chocolate donuts, whenever we have visitors staying with us, the Pt Elliot Bakery (like Ballast Stone Winery, and the Alexandrina Cheese Factory) is one those places you just have to stop – and so after dozens of visits, we are yet to strike a person who is pleased to be working there or pleased to see a customer….but this is not a customer service blog, now is it (now that is an idea that will fester…)?

Latte Quality – Excellent – which surprised everyone, because the girl making it hardly even looked at the machine – seemingly focussed upon the clock which was ticking down to knock off time (or so we mused).

Cost – $3.80 for a regular take away, which was on the small side of things

Coffee SupplierGriffiths Coffee

Fair Trade – No indication in store – in actual fact we had to ask the girl what the coffee was – and at a great inconvenience to her, she says over her shoulder as she dismisses us “Griffiths”

Customer Service –  – would have been less painful and awkward to make it myself

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat,  Deep and Meaningful, and/or Study and Reflection – No – one of these – just way to busy (the baked goods as that great – it is not unusual to see a line up of people out the door and the down the street, despite there being about 15 staff working inside – they are efficient, just not friendly).
But – and probably the most important but – is that their Chocolate Donuts are arguably the best in the world!!

No.58 Cellar Door & Gallery – Port Elliot, SA

58 Waterport Road, Port Elliot, SA, 5212

Now I may need to offer a foreword to this review because of two factors:

  1. This place has been recommended to me as ‘the best new place for coffee on the coast’ by so many people, which tends to influence a review; and
  2. Until now, every time I have made the effort to head there for a coffee, they have been closed.

On this rainy Monday, as I turned my thoughts towards my next preaching series after my return from paternity leave (my wife and I are expected our second child to be born any minute now – literally), I grabbed a new book that was delivered with first mail of the day and headed out for a coffee or two as I spent the Monday morning recovering from the Sunday before.  So with “Reclaiming the ImaginationThe Exodus as Paradigmatic Narrative for Preaching“under my arm, I ventured down to Port Elliot for stop one.

No.58 appears from a quick glance as you go roaring past on the Port Elliot by-pass as a new shed in paddock of vines – and in reality it is – however it is a funky shed, with a deck set next to a uniquely misshapen old pine tree, an almost mighty red gum and then surrounded by a field of vines.  No.58 is a Cellar Door and Gallery which opened sometime last summer and doubles as a coffee place for those stuck between Middleton and Victor Harbor.  This fully lined shed, is furnished with an eclectic bunch of furniture, ranging from leather lounges to rustic kitchen tables/chairs to wicker furniture with the walls covered by pieces of local art – and – the pièce de résistance – is the roaring nectare fire place.  When I arrived, the only person in earshot was on his way out – and despite protestations to the contrary, seemed reluctant to actually have a customer (I was the only one who was there for the entire hour) who desired a coffee and a place to work – but anyway….

Latte Quality – Good – it was a very strong coffee, and has a slightly burnt taste to it – perhaps over extracted?

Cost – $3.50 – which is spot on the money for a regular latte these days – although the glass was on the smaller side of the scale.

Coffee Supplier – Rio Coffee

Fairtrade – No indication that what I was drinking was Fairtrade – although Rio do do three distinctive Fairtrade Organic Blends.

Special Notes – this had confused me, because it was popular but seemed to never be open – but now we know.  Open in school holidays – 7 days 10am-5pm – and then Friday-Saturday 10am-5pm, and Sunday-Monday 10am-4pm

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat, Deep and Meaningful, Study – absolutely. As mentioned above I was the only person there for over an hour – the chairs were comfortable, the fire was lovely – if the coffee had been better I may still have been there now!  There is plenty of space inside, although I suspect that during school holidays and in the finer weather the place would quickly become crowded.

Flying Fish Café – Port Elliot, SA

No. 1 The Foreshore, Horseshoe Bay, Port Elliot, SA, 5212

The Flying Fish Café has got to have one of the best locations of any café anywhere in the world – within metres of the beautiful Horseshoe Bay, Port Elliot -on South Australia’s South Coast.  Locally, the only place that comes close would have to be Bombora@Goolwa Beach – for for sheer ambiance, and good sea air – you just can’t go past ‘The Flying Fish Café.’  This place again came at a recommendation of a friend and colleague, who always visits this place for a quiet coffee and some reflection, whenever he is the neighbourhood – but I will have to admit, that my first experience was not wonderful.  The location is beautiful, but the sound of the waves gently caressing the shore, was almost entirely drowned out by the stereophonic rubbish of a local FM station allegedly playing ‘Today’s Hits…..’ and while the website states that the place is open for coffee until 5pm, when I was there it was just before 4pm and they were turning out the lights, stacking the chairs and trying to pray me out – while not actually asking me to leave…but those things aside – to the all important coffee review.

Latte Quality – Good – aroma, flavour, colour – were all there – there was just an abnormally large amount of foam in the small cup.

Cost – $3.00 – which is good, but the latte glass is smaller that others available in the area.

Coffee Supplier – Jasper

Fair Trade –  No – well at least not to my knowledge.  I actually had to ask about who the coffee suppliers were, as there was no indication anywhere in the store.  Jasper’s are pro-Fairtrade, so the coffee here could be…

Venue Suitable for:

  • Meeting – with the music being the dominant sound, a low-key meeting could be achieved.
  • Quiet Chat, Study/Reflection – probably in the cooler months when things are less busy – and probably best served if you can get a table outside, away from the wind.

The Flying Fish Café is also a well known restaurant – however this was closed during the reviewers visit.

Cockles On North – Port Elliot, SA

Corner North Terrace and The Strand, Port Elliot, SA

For those of us  fortunate enough to live on south coast – we live the secret that many Adelaidians have discovered, that this is the best part of the state – and none more so (other than where I live, but that goes without saying), than the sleepy bayside (horseshoe) hamlet (between Mon-Fri afternoon during school term) of Port Elliot.  Elliot (as it is known my locals) would have been for many – it was for me, growing up – a yearly holiday destination, whether you stayed in the caravan park, a holiday house or in one of the many blocks of Units (we generally stayed in the Dolphins) that surround the picturesque horseshoe bay.  In recent years, the main street of Elliot (phone home) – the road that comes from Victor Harbor and goes through to Goolwa via Middleton – aka North Terrace – has undergone a major face lift, and is now replete with cafés, craft shops, second hand book shops – and all those other shops which tend to congregate in Australian seaside towns – not to forget the famous Port Elliot Bakery, which can often be found with que going out the door and down the street.  Cockles, is a great café/restaurant centrally located with a great array of outdoor seating should the weather allow. Food is of standard café style – I enjoyed a rather nice Salt & Pepper Squid there once.

Latte Quality – Good – perhaps a bit on the watery side of things, but well presented with the second, in as many reviews, example of some latteart.

Cost – $3.50 for a regular;

Coffee SupplierLavazza Coffee

Fair Trade – No indication in store, nor is there any mention by Lavazza on their website.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat – During the week (not school holidays) definitely.
  • Deep and Meaningful – again, Yes – see above – both inside and out – and PT Elliot is a great place, if confidentiality is a must to grab a take-away coffee and walk the streets.
  • Study and Reflection – I have, on a previous study retreat, spent a pleasant morning reading and drinking latte here.
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