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Jimmies Restaurant – Crafers, SA

6 Main Street, Crafers, SA, 5152

I know that I am now stepping outside my bounds as purely a coffee review (and occasional theological quote and/or musings) blog, but after my most recent eating/drinking experience I just felt the need to review.  How we ended up here, was that we met up with some old friends from college days in Stirling, and after enjoying a latte at Ruby’s Organic Café (review will follow as soon as I can remember who supplies their coffee – if you know, please share) we needed a place to eat – or make the long drive home and eat the first thing that fell out of the fridge.  After refuelling the car at the BP in Crafers, we noticed across the road this warm and inviting place (the sun had gone down and we could see the open fire) which said ‘Wood Fire Pizza’ – so over we went.  I will say hands down –  hand on my heart (doing a Zaphod here) – that we had the best pizza ever – and if you know me and my size, you’d be right in guessing I have eaten my fare share of pizzas – but KC and I shared a medium Seafood Pizza – and it was Awesome!  Better that the one at Cowes, Em – I swear!!  And then, after having such a positive eating experience – coupled with top notch customer service – I felt compelled to grab a latte and a piece of the ‘real’ Turkish delight’ for afters….It was so good we have booked to go back next week after Graetzie’s Engagement Party!!

Latte Quality – Excellent – easily the best coffee I had had all week.

Cost – $3.50 – which is about average.

Coffee SupplierRio Coffee – and despite all the rumours about a decline in quality, I though it was really good!!

Fair Trade – Yes – they also do their best to source all their produce from Adelaide Hills suppliers – where possible Organic – and they do Gluten Free Pizza!!

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat, Deep and Meaningful – only if you are doing it over a meal.  They are only open as a restaurant, not as a coffee serving Café – although they are open 9:30-9:30 on Sundays.
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