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Your latte suggestions…

In the last 23 hours, a number of café/latte suggestions have come in – and so this has prompted me to do a re-post of an earlier call for café/latte suggestions – please – in the nicest possible way – tell me where to go!

Suggestions received so far include:

  • Cafe Komodo – 118 Prospect Road, Prospect
  • Giovanni – 15 Morphett Street, Mt Barker
  • My Café – [not sure if this is an actual place, or whether I was being invited to sample someone’s home brewed coffee….]
  • your suggestion goes here!

STOP PRESS – The Little Leaf & Bean – Blackwood, SA – Update

Shop 7/19 Coromandel Parade, Blackwood, SA, 5051

STOP PRESS – I have recently been advised that ‘The Little Leaf & Bean Café’ in Blackwood – reviewed March 17 2010 – has changed ownership and staff.  The review therefore may no longer reflect the true nature of Café.  Former regulars of The Little Leaf and Bean have commented that things have changed dramatically, and they therefore have found alternative coffee supply channels.  I will do my best to review the Under New Management Little Leaf and Bean, the next time I am in the Blackwood area.

Bombora@Goolwa Beach, SA – 2010 Update

Goolwa Beach Carpark, Beach Rd, Goolwa Beach SA 5214

I first reviewed this place only months are moving down to the coast – and I loved it.  The location, the food, the location, the coffee, the location – and to be honest, searches on ‘Bombora@Goolwa’ direct about 50% of the traffic to this blog – so I thought it about time to go back, and have another look.  To be really, really honest – I wish I hadn’t.  The location is still fantastic, and with today’s blue sky and good off shore breeze – the place was a buzz with people and surfers (?).  And I am sure the food by Olaf is still a major attraction, but….I should never have ordered that coffee.

Latte Quality – Passable  – watery – which is a concern in a latte – as my first coffee for the traditional working week, as the song says ‘things can only get better’

Cost – $3.50 for a regular cup.

Coffee Supplier – Lavazza Coffee 

Fair Trade – No.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat – Depends on the number of other people there – but unlikely as today’s patronage was strong – but you could always buy a coffee, and then walk the beach in quiet conversation.
  • Deep and Meaningful – again, Yes – see above.
  • Study and Reflection – If you can really concentrate – I managed it today, but I am sure I read the same paragraph from Smile’s Commentary at least four times.

So I wonder two things (a) were they just having a really bad coffee making day?  You know, like you would be reluctant to buy a car made on a Friday or a Monday, perhaps it could the same thing here? and (b) whether my taste in coffee has matured?  I used to think Lavazza Coffee was great, but looking back over my reviews, it has been a while since I desired a Lavazza…

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