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The Coffee Barun – Sefton Park, SA

217-219 Main North Rd (cnr Third Ave), Sefton Park,   SA,   5083

It is not very often that a third party café recommendation comes any where near the rap that it was given – you know the drill, “Sae” (well perhaps not that part, cos that is just me) but they say “[insert name here] you have just got to try the ‘so and so café’ it was the best coffee ever – latte bliss in your mouth – friendly staff, great atmosphere – the works!” – and then you go, and the place serves Nescafe Blend 43 (or equivalent) from a dripolator – with powered milk on the side…??? Sound familiar???

Well, now I have had a café recommendation that not only met expectations – but exceeded them so much, you could barely see them in the distance!!  Thanks to Josh [click on the link and check out the new website] – who recommended The Coffee Barun – it was coffee person’s heaven – it was like what all serious coffee places should be like!!  Plenty of tables, comfortable seats, clean floors (see previous detailed review below), friendly knowledgeable staff – and you are literally surrounded by all things coffee.  The only down side that I can see is (1) the location – it is north of the city, hence a long was from me and (2) the location – it was really hard to find and then get into – but if you really like coffee, it is worth it!  Trust Me!

Latte Quality – Excellent – Lattastic – because of my previous commitment to you my reader (you know who you are) not to go overboard, I will need to go back to try them again before I declare that they make Adelaide’s best coffee – but……

Cost – $4.00 – for a large – and it was VERY large – good value for money.  I ordered a large because it was my first cup for the afternoon and I had a 100km trip home ahead of me.

Coffee Supplier – They roast their own – in house – The Coffee Barun

Fair Trade – No mention of Fairtrade in store – but they have both Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance beans available for purchase via the website.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat, Deep and Meaningful, Study and Reflection – Absolutely – I was there from 2-3pm on a Monday afternoon – and there was the two of us, and two other tables with customers on them.

If it wasn’t for geography, I’d be there every week for sermon prep – I hope it will becomes the new coffee place of the Conference HQ staff as it is just 5 mins walk up the road. They also have a kid friendly indoor play area, and a few tables outside – not sure about parking, I ended up in the Northpark Plaza carpark, across the road and down a bit. I can’t wait to go back or Please, please, please open a store on the South Coast – preferably on my side of the hills….

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