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the green room on high street – Willunga, SA – UNM

2 High Street, Willunga, SA, 5172 – Under New Management

This is my second review of the green room on high street. I felt it needed another go, not because my previous experience was bad – quite the opposite – but it needed a second review because in the last few months it has under gone a change of management and a change in direction. Click HERE for original review and comparison.

So what, other then that aforementioned, has changed – it seems, quite a bit. Gone is the eclectic mix of  café come studio come haberdashery come interesting nic-nac come alternative hang out come, and in its place is a fairly typical looking open plan café.   Also gone is my favourite Black Mountain Coffee.  With plenty of tables and chairs, and now with the addition of a comfy looking couch, the green room looks less willunga and more Unley, O’Connell Street or Hawthorn.  Not sure if they have changed the food department – my previous experience wasn’t the best, but today it was just about the coffee.

Latte Quality – Good – It was a little on the weak side, but that could have been something to do with the size of the cup – HUGE – and it was a perfect temperature.

Cost – $3.50 – for a cup which is around the mark.  $5.50 for a large takeaway.

Coffee Supplier – Villeré Coffee from neighbouring McLaren Vale/Blewitt Springs.

Fair Trade –  No – no mention in store, nor any mention on the Villeré website.

Customer Service –  – average – pretty much what you would expect – you go away neither blown away by the experience, nor complaining about it;  When I was finally noticed by someone (about 3 mins) I had two people ask to serve me at the same time – however the barista who I stood all of two feet away from, was not feeling talkative – or would even look beyond what she was doing.

Special Notes: Similar to the Coffee Barun, their take away cups are the BioCup brand.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Meeting – Quiet Chat – Study and Reflection – As I ventured in on a Farmer’s Market day – the place was pretty quiet (in comparison to last time) and there are plenty of tables both inside and out , and a back garden area for the kids and I am sure it would be a great place for such pastoral activities during the week.

Tango Turtle Retro Art Café – Willunga, SA

30 High Street, Willunga, SA, 5172

Willunga is quickly becoming the place to go for a ‘café crawl’ – with the Tango Turtle joining the ranks of my reviewed cafés in Willunga, with still as least three more to go.  Situated in a reborn Petrol Station, the Tango Turtle is decked out to reflect the third and fourth words in its over long full name, replete with an eclectic assortment of linoleum topped kitchen tables and chairs from the 50s, 60s and 70s of last century.  The walls of the Turtle are used to display the works of local artists, while the former drive through area features plenty of outdoor seating and umbrellas.

I ventured in mid-morning on a Willunga Farmer’s Market Saturday – when the town of Willunga is full to bursting with people – to find that other than a full table outside, and a woman sitting guard at the door – I was the only person in the place – and still, most of the waiting staff were too busy to offer me service – leaving it to the barista to eventually take my order.  Then while I was waiting (not really any space in which to do so) I was asked to move so that an old lounge chair could be moved back into a 45 degree angle relevant to the table by a staff member who appeared out of nowhere – this despite the blackboard at street level saying ‘great coffee and great service’ – this is actually my third time here (first intentional review) and this was my best customer service experience – but to the coffee review. Read the rest of this entry

La Terre – Willunga, SA

44 High Street, Willunga, SA, 5172

Some people just know coffee.  And for me, Josh is one of those people – first it was ‘The Green Room on High Street’ then it ‘The Coffee Barun’ and today it was ‘La Terre.’  To his own credit, the first two recommendation were given after a great tell of in house testing on his behalf, and today – well, it was the first time for both of us.

La Terre Café is situated in the old Willunga Studios building, about a third of the way down the Willunga High Street, on the left hand side and according to their website, La Terre is both café and jardinage.*   The decor is rustic, yet funky – with a great open shelving system where you can by teas, coffee beans and other paraphernalia. Having been open now since September 2010, La Terre is becoming a popular place for locals, and a weekend attraction for the Lycra crowd, and the Farmer’s Market officianardos.  With a choice of two different coffee beans, and a plethora of teas – La Terre is another feather in the excellent quality café hat that is Willunga.

Latte Quality – Excellent! – which is the average score, minus that of the East German judge.  I had two coffees in the hour that I was there, and one was excellent and the other was between excellent and Lattastic!

Cost – $3.50 – which is about average for a regular size latte glass.  For a large (which is quite large) the price is $4.00

Coffee Supplier – Choice of two – First is an organic blend which is done for them under the name ‘La Terre’ and the other comes from ‘World Barista Champion’ Paul Bassett Espresso. I slightly preferred the Paul Bassett – but both were great!

Fair Trade – No indication in store, and nothing mentioned on the Paul Bassett website.

Special Notes – There was a wide selection of sweet things to eat on the counter – but we were both good – perhaps next time?

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat, Deep and Meaningful, Study – Absolutely – there is plenty of seating both inside and out – although it can get brisk during this time of year in Willunga.  The music was if the funky, easy listening atmospheric style – and Josh personally knew the artist, so that was nice.
* – for those like me who do not speak french [sorry – only had time for rudimentary German at high school, Bislama, Latin and Koine Greek] apparently Jardinage – is not a ‘dinage’ for jars – it is in fact a french noun which means gardening, as explained to me by the wonders of Google Translator.

the green room on high street – Willunga, SA

2 High Street, Willunga, SA, 5172

In my part of the world, Willunga is the place to go for good quality locally produced organic food, live music and quality coffee – so it should not come as a surprise to anyone to find such a positive review for another of Willunga’s top notch cafés. ‘the green room on high street [lower case by their design] eco-emporium & tea-fé’ is, as you would expect situated near the start of High Street, Willunga – or from my end “at the bottom of the hill.” It seems, from the outside, to be an eclectic mix of  café come studio come haberdashery come interesting nic-nac come alternative hang out come, come, come….it is hard to put in one box.  We ventured in after another successful outing to the Willunga Farmer’s Market and based on coffee alone – it was well worth the effort.  You can also get light lunches, snacks, sweets and all sorts – and on another visit, I will take one for the team and sample their food – but now to the all important coffee and locale review….

Latte Quality – Excellent – aroma, flavour, colour – brilliant!  It would have gone in straight as a ‘Lattastic’ but with my change in policy, it will need a follow-up to confirm such a high rating.

Cost – $3.50 – for a cup which is around the mark.

Coffee SupplierThe Coffee Works – Black Mountain

Fair Trade –  The store itself is very Pro-Fairtrade, however the coffee itself – being organic Australian grown and roasted is not Fairtrade (it does not need to be)

Venue Suitable for:

  • Meeting – Quiet Chat – Study and Reflection – As I ventured in on a Farmer’s Market day – you could barely move, let alone think and reflect – however there are plenty of tables both inside and out and I am sure it would be a great place for such pastoral activities during the week.  I hope to return there in the near future.

**New Page** The Top 5

Check out the new page where from time to time I will rank my Top 5 latte locations.

3Three Monkeys Fine Foods – Willunga, SA

17A High Street, Willunga, SA, 5172

Ever since my experience of the Willunga Farmers Market, and my brisk walk down the main street of the picturesque town whereupon I discovered the plethora of small, interesting looking cafés – I have been itching to get back.  And now, after a trip to the doctors for some suitable cream – the itching has decreased, and I have another latte review.  3Three Monkeys Fine Food came highly recommended to me by a member of my congregation who had personally experienced the wonderful hospitality (which included a platter of exotic savories and sweets for a very reasonable luncheon price)  for a family celebration and suggested I try the lovely coffee – well I was not disappointed!!  The Café, which features (as the name would suggest) fine foods for consumption and purchase (that is not to suggest that the food consumed is not purchased – far from it – it is just that you can also purchase gourmet food and take it home with you), wine, locally brewed beer and a book exchange (consumption for the soul). Situated about half way up on the left/down on the right of the Main Street (depending on which direction you are coming from), the 3Three Monkeys is well worth a look.

Latte QualityLattastic! – the best coffee I have had in a while – so good, I ordered a second one.  Lovely colour, good amount of foam, great taste and a lingering pleasant after taste. I suspect I was treated to a very skilled barrista.

Cost – $3.50 for a regular – which came in a large than average latte glass – so good value.

Coffee SupplierAltura Coffee

Fair Trade – No indication in store, or on the Altura website – which is under construction.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat – Yes, there are a number of rooms, and tables on the verandah.
  • Deep and Meaningful – again, Yes – see above.
  • Study and Reflection – If you can get a table in one of the quiet corners this would be an excellent spot – I saw a guy in there with a laptop, so there may also be internet connectivity.

Piccalo Espresso – Willunga, SA

Willunga Farmers Market, Willunga, SA, 5172

If you have a few hours spare on a Saturday morning, why not take a drive up or down the coast, depending on where home is for you, and head to the award winning* Willunga Farmers Market?  After parking your car and hiking back to the market, held every Saturday from 8:00am till 12:30pm in the Willunga Town Sqaure, make sure before you ‘Meet the grower and taste the region’ that you locate the Piccalo Espresso coffee cart (read: heavily modified trailer) and grab yourself a latte.  You can then enjoy wandering around the many and varied stalls of quality local produce, gourmet foods and wines, and organic plants.

Latte Quality – Exellent – I was told previously that it was the ‘best coffee on the peninsula’ – and they are probably right, but I always find it hard to judge when drinking out of cardboard. But it certainly was not a bad coffee!

Cost – $3.50 for a member of the Farmers Market – $3.85 for non-members [a membership to the Willunga Farmers Market is $35 annually]

Coffee SupplierMahalia Coffee from Robe, South Australia.

Fair Trade – not served by Piccalo at Willunga, but Mahalia do three varieties of Fair Trade Coffees.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Casual get together with friends who share a love of good food and good coffee.

* [Vogue Australia 2009 Entertaining and Travel – Outstanding  Farmers Market]

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