How do I use this blog?

There are over 100 cafés already under review, in the archives of – so it is really up to you –  the loyal reader (you know who you are) – to use the blog, to ensure it works for you.

The quickest way to find what you are looking for is to use the “Coffee Search” function to you left.  Just type in the name of the café, or the location, or the coffee type and hit search – it will then give you the results which you can read through at your leisure.

If you have a coffee in hand and want to explore a bit more, then I encourage you to utilise the next window down on the left ‘widget’ bar on the screen.  The top of this features five taps, which look like (in order of appearance left to right) a green folder, a blue tag, a clock, a golden star and an orange speech bubble.  Click on each and use them to search the blog:

  • Green Folder – this lists all the categories that I have used to classify each review or post. Ranging from suburb/town to coffee bean type to actual function of the premises – this allows you to explore by comparing lattes with lattes.  For example, if you were interested in trying only RIO coffee for a week – you would click on the Green Folder, scroll down until you found ‘Rio (8)’ and click and in the main window would appear all the places that use Rio Coffee.  The number in the brackets indicates the numbers of posts under each category;
  • Blue Tag – this lists all the WordPress ‘Tags’ that have been used to classify my posts.  Similar to Categories, in that you can use it to find specific things – such as the coffee in the Adelaide Hills as a region – but it can also open you up to other blogs which use the same tags;
  • Clock – this is the calendar of archived posts – by click on this you see each of the months that the blog has been operating and the number in brackets indicates the number of posts in that month – and by clicking on a month, it will open up for you all those posts from that month;
  • Golden Star – this indicates the most active posts as determined by the number of interactions it has had – so that means ‘likes’ and/or ‘comments’ – this does not indicate the most popular post by views, only by interactions;
  • Orange Speech Bubble – this is the default setting as you come to MakeCoffeeNotWar and it is simply a record of the eight last comments that have been made and approved – so that does not include SPAM.

Below that window is the Facebook connection thingo – so if you are a registered Facebook User you can ‘like’ this blog and then interact that way – please ‘like’ me – please!!??!! (too needy?)

Post Calendar – simply a calendar of the last month with the days of posting highlighted and underlined – by hovering over the highlighted dates you can see the title of the post – to read that post just click

My Last Coffee – a record of the last 10 posts – including the sticky one which may appear up  the top as an image, but does appear in the main screen until clicked.

BlogRoll – just some blogs that I frequent – not just about coffee either!! 😉

Coffee Reviews – other websites that do the same thing that I do, just better.

Coffeepedia – websites that will go a long way to answering any coffee related questions that you may have

Need Beans? – if you are like me and enjoy making espresso at home – then these are just of the places that I have purchased beans from – if you want my opinion, just ask!

Email Subscription – if you are lazy and want my posts delivered to your inbox, click here.

THEREV ON BEANHUNTER – this is my RSS feed from the Beanhunter – so my most recent reviews feature here – and below this is the most recent general reviews from the Beanhunter.

Hope that all helps!!

  1. Sound like a fun project. I just subscribed to your Twitter.

    We have a coffee blog and social network opening on Monday – pop by and check us out.
    Later in the year we are opening an online coffee market place.


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