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Most Popular Cafes of 2012

The guys over at Beanhunter have put together their “25 Most Popular Cafes in Australia” list, which features some very well known and respected coffee institutions.  I was disappointed to see that no Adelaidian Coffee Spot made the top ten (see below) when my experiences so far in Melbourne indicate that Adelaide Coffee (Barun, Bar 9, Mother’s Milk, Paddy’s Lantern, Pure Expresso, Red Berry etc)  is better and more consistent…How many of the top 25 have you visited?

The Top 10

  1. Dandelion & Driftwood (Brisbane)
  2. Proud Mary (Melbourne)
  3. Coffee Alchemy (Sydney)
  4. Canteen Coffee (Gold Coast)
  5. No Name Lane (Gold Coast)
  6. Cartel (Breakwater) (Geelong)
  7. The Good Bean Espresso Bar (Sunshine Coast)
  8. The Baron Coffee Shop and Small Bar (Sydney)
  9. Axil Coffee Roasters (Melbourne)
  10. The Birds & The Beans Espresso Bar (Sunshine Coast)

Click HERE for the full article

Look who made the Top 10!

Look who made the Top 10!

Due to my mid-week coffee meeting whilst going through my 360 degree ministerial review, I have, after completing a review of said coffee, finally made the Top 10 Users list on the!  “Big Woop!” I hear you say, “So What?” I sense you mutter, “Click, click goes the mouse….”

All it actually means is that (a) I have drunk a lot of coffee since discovering the and (b) see a.

It was also pleasing to note that during the week Adelaide jumped ahead of the Gold Coast and Canberra as top places for Coffee.  We now have to catch London on 103 (Adelaide is currently on 75) before seriously making a challenge on Melbourne’s status as coffee capital of  the world sitting pretty on 762 places for coffee (excluding franchee shops – sorry GJs, Hudsons, Star Chucks etc.)

South Australian Coffee???

Surely there are more than 58 places in Adelaide where you can buy a coffee?  Yet that is ‘all she wrote’ according to the latest updates on the Beanhunter.  According to their South Australian based users, we have less cafes worth drinking in and/or writing about then does the Gold Coast (61) and Canberra (68).  Yes you read right – according to the Beanhunter, there are more and better coffee vending establishments in our nations capital then there are in RADelaide – the coffee capital of the southern hemisphere (just don’t tell Melbourne).

Come on people – do your state a favour – do what Rann couldn’t (a bit of political commentary there – haha)  – do what Craig couldn’t (a bit of sport commentary there) – raise your state’s profile above the Gold Coast and Canberra – make us proud – list your favourite cafe on the Beanhunter (even list your least favourite cafe – at least then others will know to avoid it) and let us get Adelaide above Canberra.

First the Gold Coast, then Canberra…then the world!!!!

Coffee Prizes Everywhere!!

Free Coffee for a Year from RIO Coffee

from their facebook fan page “ONE WEEK LEFT until we draw the winner of our FREE COFFEE FOR A YEAR promotion! Quick – tell your friends!! The lucky liker will be selected on 3/9/11.” Which I guess just means that if you want to be in the running for a year’s supply of RIO Coffee (not a bad thing at all my friends)  – 500g per month delivered to your door – then get on over to their Facebook page and simply click ‘like’.  For terms and conditions click the Facebook logo below and follow the links.  I’ve done it.  And as per the Genovese Otto Espresso machine competition below – if you win, I’d like at least an invite for a coffee….;) 

Win a Beanhunter Keep Cup!

From the Beanhunter website and twitter feed ” Hmm, still after a KeepCup? Well we have more! To go into the entry to win a KeepCup, simply

1. Write a review or submit a new cafe on (or via our iPhone Application) and,
2. Link up your Beanhunter account with your Facebook account to share your reviews with your friends. Easy!

We will randomly choose 25 very lucky winners. To enter you must complete both of the two tasks above. The more reviews you write the more chance you have to win.  Remember, you can now submit follow-up reviews of cafes you have already rated before. Competition closes on Sunday 28th August 11.55 PM AEST.  Good luck!”

Now I have been on at you for a while now to sign up to the Beanhunter so that we South Australians can prove that we at the very least have more quality (and quantity ) coffee places than the Gold Coast and Canberra – since my first post on this we have surpassed Auckland, New Zealand – and now there is even more motivation to sign up!!  Remember if you are one of those few individuals who have an iPhone – you can download the Beanhunter App to help you find the best coffee near your location!!

Unlike the Free Coffee for a year and the Otto Espresso Machine – should you win this prize, there is really no need to share it with me….unless you really, really want too 😉

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