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Coffee Magazines

Did you know that Australia is blessed with not just one, but two top quality Coffee Magazines? Well until recently I didn’t.  I had seen the magazine ‘Crema‘ around the place – various Newsagents, and on the counter at The Coffee Barun – but only, when I finally decided to purchase a copy of Crema to review and ventured in my local Newsagent only to discover that they didn’t have a copy, nor had ever heard of it, that I found after a decent search, an alternate coffee mag ‘BeanScene.’  So, after much grinding, and tamping, and pouring and stretching and pouring again – I sat and read them both – luscious cover to luscious cover – and what will follow over the next week or so will be a blow by blow review of Crema and Beanscene – and a recommendation on which magazine you should spend your hard earnt – not for coffee – money on.


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