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Happy 80th

WordPress just told me to celebrate because this blog has finally reached 80 posts – which means that I have (nearly) reviewed 80 lattes in the nearly three years of blogging. Ahhh, the calories.  If you have a suggestion for a latte to review, please comment below!  Happy drinking!!

Not forgotten

I have not forgotten about this blog, nor have I  been on a coffee fast.  However, fast is a way to describe my experience of time duration over the past few weeks and while coffee has been consumed in new and exciting places, blogging reviews has yet to be achieved.  But fear not – notes have been kept, impressions written down, experiences savoured – and in due course (or dew coarse – depending on how you view things) latte reviews will be posted on Cafe Pallazo, Norwood; Jamaicablue, Noarlunga Centre; and Aquacaf, Goolwa.

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