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Coffee Scene – Kinetic Typography

I have heard this conversation standing in line before – in those days when I thought franchise coffee was the way to go.  This is Kinetic Typography of the “coffee scene” in the movie Role Models (starring Paul Rudd and Sean William Scott) by SteveReevesArtist – pinched from coffee funk.

Not quite Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, but still….

Not quite Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, but still….

This does not happen to me very much – so I was very excited when I tore open this month’s BeanScene Magazine and saw this ugly mug staring back at me! (make sure you click on the image to read the detail…)

Also to my surprise was the fact that they  edited down the less than 200 words  they asked me for – removing some theological reflection, and also a mention of my current favourite coffee beans – which for the record was Barossa Coffee Roasters – sorry!

While not on the massive media scale of some other colleagues and brothers (radio, newspapers, DVDs…) – I made the press!

For a small appearance fee, I would be happy to come past your café and sign copies for patrons 😉

Instant tan, instant coffee or both?

Apparently, according to a recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in America, drinking moderate amounts of coffee or even applying coffee to the skin has been shown to help prevent non-melanoma cancer.

“Using mice that had been genetically altered to suppress a protein called ATR, researchers showed the rodents were able to fend off cancer even when exposed to ultraviolet light…The altered mice eventually did develop cancer, but three weeks later than normal mice. Previous studies have suggested that drinking a cup of caffeinated coffee per day has the effect of suppressing ATR and triggering the die-off of cells harmed by UV rays. The altered mice eventually did develop cancer, but three weeks later than normal mice.

The team were able to confirm their hypothesis that caffeine – when consumed or applied to the skin – works by inhibiting ATR. Now they say more studies are needed to see how it may work on humans.

Cosmetic brand Cucina Cosmetica already supports the benefits of caffeine as a beauty product, and has developed a cosmetic range from 100 per cent recycled coffee grinds collected from restaurants and cafés across Australia.  The natural, food-based products such as the Body Grind Rejuvenating Body Polish and Espresso Repair Natural Skin Moisturiser are infused with caffeine and high levels of anti-oxidants aiming to reduce cellulite to de-toxify skin and reduce puffiness.”

To read about this via the BeanScene Magazine click HERE – to via the Herald Sun click HERE

Now, being of the fair hair (whats left of it) and fair skinned variety this really doesn’t hold much hope for me – just sitting here at my computer and thinking about the sun has caused my skin to develop some sun burn – but I wonder – could rubbing coffee grounds into your skin actually negate the need to go out into the sun at all?

Stay with me here.

For those who use an espresso machine at home will have experienced the occasional coffee stain that develops on your hands after a messy pour, or a wiping away the afters from an overly ambitious tamp – so I suggest that just by rubbing the use grounds onto you skin, you could perhaps develop an instant coffee tan!  No need for the sun at all!

Can’t you just see it now?  A romantic Nescafé add which ends not with drinking their horrible so called coffee – but with the leads rubbing each other down with coffee to develop that healthy caffeinated glow – or perhaps the new Vittoria Coffee ad with Al Pacino getting his yearly espresso tan, ready for his next close up Mr DeMille? The instant coffee tan could come in Long Black, Short Black, Cappuccino, Latte and Ristretto(for those who want a really sweet looking yet very temporary tan).

As an aside – did you know that Billy Connelly used to go into coffee shops and order a Robert De Niro?  He used to forget the name of a cappuccino but knew it has something to do with a great actor with Italian heritage….


Over the next few weeks

Over the next few weeks

Over the last few weeks, this blog and its potential have really captured my ‘spare-time’ imagination – and I am really getting more and more passionate about good coffee and where to find it.  But having said that, you my loyal readers (there must be at least two of you now) need to know that over the next few weeks, reviews will be few and fare between because we are hopefully adding an extra person to our family of three. My wife of five years is now overdue, in preparation for the birth of our second child – he/she was due on July 31st – so any day now (or so we have been saying).  I have a few reviews up my sleeve which are scheduled to go out every two days – just to keep things flowing – but there will be very little new review action probably until September – when we as a family begin to re-emerge as an awesome foursome.

Scheduled reviews include:

  • The Loca·vore – Stirling;
  • rubys organic cafe – Stirling;
  • Corso Cafe – Mt Barker;
  • Organic Market & Cafe – Stirling.
please note that the image above does not represent the opinion of the blogger – pets are for life, not for espresso….;)

Coffee Quote of the Week

In America you can buy bucket-sized cups of coffee in any flavour you like…other than coffee-flavour.  ~ Author Unknown

Coffee Quote of the Week

Deja Brew:  The feeling that you’ve had this coffee before.  ~ Author Unknown


Having only started this blog after all the good cafe’s had closed (I do not, under any circumstances consider McCafe to be a good cafe) I am yet to get out and make the first review – so in the mean time, some context from The Naked Pastor.


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