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Not quite Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, but still….

Not quite Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, but still….

This does not happen to me very much – so I was very excited when I tore open this month’s BeanScene Magazine and saw this ugly mug staring back at me! (make sure you click on the image to read the detail…)

Also to my surprise was the fact that they  edited down the less than 200 words  they asked me for – removing some theological reflection, and also a mention of my current favourite coffee beans – which for the record was Barossa Coffee Roasters – sorry!

While not on the massive media scale of some other colleagues and brothers (radio, newspapers, DVDs…) – I made the press!

For a small appearance fee, I would be happy to come past your café and sign copies for patrons 😉

Free Fresh Coffee Beans!

Free Fresh Coffee Beans Delivered to your Door

In celebration of the Make Coffee Not War Facebook page reaching the 50 likes mark and the Make Coffee Not War Twitter feed reaching the 50 followers mark, I will give away to a randomly selected ‘liker’ (person who has indicated their general approval of the idea of Make Coffee Not War) and follower 500g of my favourite Coffee Beans.

As it stands today, the Make Coffee Not War Facebook page has 38 likes, so only 12 to go – spread the word and you could be drinking some awesome free coffee!!  If it were to go off today, the lucky winner would get to choose between either 500s of an Ethiopian Sidamo from The Coffee Barun, or the BlackMountain blend from Queensland’s Coffeeworks.  However with an order on the way from boutique roaster, Barossa Valley Roasters – who knows what it will be when we reach the magical, mystical 50 mark.

So spread the word – click like, and  follow us on Twitter.

Tweeting Coffee

Will Tweet for Coffee!

The brains (or lack thereof) behind Make Coffee Not War is now on Twitter.  To follow the one who follows, click on the Twitter Icon in the Header.

Despite declaring to all who would listen that I would never become a Twit, I have bowed to peer pressure and in part due to the liminality of reason that comes with insomnia and an Internet connection I have joined the masses.  Who know where the madness will end?  However, I can categorically say – that “I will never purchase an iPad.”

May all your coffee be good coffee.

Café Marketing in the IT Age

Let me preface this by saying that I do not – in any, way, shape, or form consider myself to be an expert in anything that follows – however as a frequenter of café everywhere, there is very little written below that I do not endorse as the way to go.  I guess the only thing that goes unsaid in what follows is that (a-z) you need to have great staff who love coffee and in no way see a customer as an inconvenience.

I also do not kid myself that there are a plethora of café owners who log in to their email everyday just waiting to see what the latest news is from is – but in case there is one, or two who are regular readers here, but are not yet regular fivesenses readers – then what follows I think is worth its weight in bandwidth.

Ashley Brian has written a great article on “Using the Internet to Market Your Café” and not only is what she has to say worth a read, but some of it – for those of the younger Gen X brand – will be surprising – for example the idea of creating a website for your café is only the third most important thing your should do – not the first, when it comes to the Internet.  She writes:

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