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STOP PRESS – The Little Leaf & Bean – Blackwood, SA – Update

Shop 7/19 Coromandel Parade, Blackwood, SA, 5051

STOP PRESS – I have recently been advised that ‘The Little Leaf & Bean Café’ in Blackwood – reviewed March 17 2010 – has changed ownership and staff.  The review therefore may no longer reflect the true nature of Café.  Former regulars of The Little Leaf and Bean have commented that things have changed dramatically, and they therefore have found alternative coffee supply channels.  I will do my best to review the Under New Management Little Leaf and Bean, the next time I am in the Blackwood area.

**New Page** The Top 5

Check out the new page where from time to time I will rank my Top 5 latte locations.

The Little Leaf & Bean – Blackwood, SA

Shop 7/19 Coromandel Parade, Blackwood, SA, 5051

I am having a great week coffee wise.  The Little Leaf & Bean up at Blackwood (at least up for me – just look at a map, and you’ll see what I mean) is a gem, as far as coffee shops/cafés go. Nestled in a quiet group of shops, far enough away from the hustle and bustle of Blackwood’s busy wannabe arterials (read: Coromandel Parade and Shepherds Hill Road – which at times are as busy as Springvale Road in Melbourne) this is a retreat – an escape – inclusive of a specially marked doorway into another world!  Only very new on the scene, The Little Leaf & Bean (become a fan if you are on Facebook) has a great feel to it, with a variety of indoor and outdoor seating  – including some specially built and very comfy couches.  There is a great menu for light meals, a vast selected of tea and coffee – and you can purchase it to go!  Next time you are up that way – as Molly would say – ‘Do yourself a favour!’,

Latte Quality – Lattastic! – this surpasses the one I had yesterday (see below) as the best coffee I have had in a while (just not that long a while) – so good, I would have ordered a second one but was due back down the hill for another meeting which included coffee – just no where near as good.  I ordered a large latte (see picture) which was a beautiful colour and included the first bit of latte-art I have come across in SA.  I am reliably informed that the manager/barista is an award winner!!

Cost – $3.50 for a regular; $3.90 for a large mug – so really good value.

Coffee SupplierLa Crema Coffee – South Australia’s own!

Fair Trade – Yes!  A big sign in the window – and upon asking, was informed that all coffee served is Fair Trade – so not only great tasting coffee, but also guilt free (just don’t think about calories – I meant ethically guilt free).

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat – If you can get a table outside, most definitely.
  • Deep and Meaningful – again, Yes – see above – and if the place is a bit quieter – inside would work just as well.
  • Study and Reflection – I spent some time reading a book, in between meetings – and it is also an Internode Hotspot.
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