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a mother’s milk – Unley, SA

105 Unley Road, Unley, SA, 5061

I have waited so long for this place to open – I even made an aborted attempt a few weeks back only to discover I had chosen the only day in seven that they are closed (Tuesday) – and today, with my friend and colleague David in tow – the threshold of a mother’s milk was crossed.  Now remembering that this place has only been opened now for about a month….The first thing you notice about this most recent addition to the Adelaide speciality coffee scene, is that it is warm and inviting – and that is not just a comment on how it appeared during the cold, wet and wintery final day of summer on which I first entered – because the aesthetic is trendy, yet comfortable – and then there is the customer service. We were greeted like long lost brothers – “Glad you could make it” was the greeting.  Now, while I have met the owner (Stef) on two occasions at his previous place of employ – the chances are that he wouldn’t know me if he tripped over me – but with such a simple, yet sincere greeting (rather than a person behind the counter looking up from their facebooking, inwardly groaning and then plastering on a fake smile) Dave and I were able to relax, shrug of the stresses of the morning and peruse the substantial menu before deciding just on some coffees (assuming that six constitutes ‘some’).  Like all the speciality coffee places across Adelaide, a mother’s milk had a number of coffee types on offer – and this was the first time – ever – I was asked which bean I’d like to try – and you’ll find out which if you read on.  Read the rest of this entry

Duthy Street Deli Café – Unley, SA

23-31 Duthy Street, Unley, SA, 5061

I used to live not far from this place – back in the day – and I am not sure what it used to be then, but I am also glad this wasn’t here – because it may have affected my coffee habits.  Big and Black is the best way to describe the Duthy Street Deli Café – seemingly to stick out of its  leafy green surrounds which glazed black tiles both inside and out.  It was really hard to gauge what this place is really like because lighting was pretty dim inside, and despite it being pretty quite we had to wait a while to get service – and then wait even longer until they brought out the coffee – calling my colleague’s large cappu a large latte – at least they recognised my beverage – it just took about 10 minutes.  It seems that getting the right thing to the right people constitutes a problem because we were asked another two times if we had ordered such and such – but alas she never did return – as my colleague suggested – with the same item for free.

Latte Quality – Good – not great, but just a little better that passable.  Wasn’t that keen on seconds. Read the rest of this entry

Steven ter Horst Chocolatier – Unley, SA

221D Unley Road, Unley, South Australia, 5061

I ventured into Unley on family business today and was able to catch up with a friend, colleague and brother for the first time in ages at the same time – and we decided (not all that hard) to give Steven ter Horst Chocolatier a try, after I had read a glowing review of the place on the Beanhunter by the Bobsta.  As with most places in Unley, parking is a hassle – but once that problem was sorted, we were greeted with an upmarket, yet comfortable atmosphere with long glass cabinets showing off all the wonderful chocolate surprises that await the adventurous – but I was here to try the coffee, as by reputation they are as passionate about their coffee as they are about their impressive chocolate. Today we were drinking a single origin columbian. Read the rest of this entry

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