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Steven ter Horst Chocolatier – Unley, SA

221D Unley Road, Unley, South Australia, 5061

I ventured into Unley on family business today and was able to catch up with a friend, colleague and brother for the first time in ages at the same time – and we decided (not all that hard) to give Steven ter Horst Chocolatier a try, after I had read a glowing review of the place on the Beanhunter by the Bobsta.  As with most places in Unley, parking is a hassle – but once that problem was sorted, we were greeted with an upmarket, yet comfortable atmosphere with long glass cabinets showing off all the wonderful chocolate surprises that await the adventurous – but I was here to try the coffee, as by reputation they are as passionate about their coffee as they are about their impressive chocolate. Today we were drinking a single origin columbian. Read the rest of this entry

Bracegirdle’s – McLaren Vale, SA

Inside Oxenberry Farm Cellar Door Complex – 26 Kangarilla Rd, McLaren Vale

This place had been given a HUGE build up by a friend/brother/colleague of mine so I approached the experience with trepidation, fully expecting my expectations to be found wanting as is the case in so many coffee houses – boy was I wrong.   Well to begin with, its in McLaren Vale – the Barossa of the South – so already it is on the right track.  Bracegirdle’s is part of the Oxenberry Farm Cellar Door complex, so at one end of the room you have wine tasting (something I didn’t partake on this occasion – but must do in the future) and at the other end you have the coffee/chocolate of which Bracegirdles are famous for in SA.  The setting is beside a gently sloping grassed area which leads to a lake, surrounded by vines with views of the lower Adelaide Hills in the background…nice (or as they say in SA ‘Heaps Good!’)

Latte Quality – Excellent – good colour, good foam thickness and with a nice ‘leaf’ design on top – Bracegirdles are widely awarded for the quality and skill of their barristas.

Cost – $5.00 for a large mug – which is expensive, but the volume of said mug is expansive.

Coffee Supplier – I was informed that their coffee was produced inhouse – however, their website indicates that the coffee is source from a Melbourne Coffee company called Atomica.

Fair Trade – No.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat – We were the only two there in the mid to late Wednesday afternoon – so a definite Yes.
  • Deep and Meaningful – again, Yes – see above.  There is also outdoor seating with views of the lake.
  • Study and Reflection – As long as it wasn’t school holidays and it was during the working week this would be a great place to do some quiet reflection and/or reading.  A great location for a personal retreat day!!
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