Bean Bar – Mount Barker, SA

Adelaide Hills Homemaker Centre, Shop K 6 Dutton Rd. Mt Barker SA 5251

South Australia’s own “Bean Bar” made its first jump outside the Adelaide city square when it opened its Mount Barker location in mid 2008.  The first ‘franchise’ coffee shop to hit the hills, it quickly became a popular place, and being the only food and beverage provided in the Homemaker Centre, its future is secure.

My coffee history with this place has been hit and miss.  A customer on both its opening and second day, one coffee was great, the other one was burnt – thus I have not been quiet as regular.  But as I sit here now (meaning they ow have internet access available) enjoying a perfectly resonable Café Latte, I wonder whether I judged them too early.

Latte Quality – Excellent – a full 30 second before my single raw sugar disappeared beneath the foamy goodness.

Cost – average to high – a regular Café Latte will set you back $3.80 – and there is no minimum spend (anymore) on your credit card, which is a bonus (earlier on you had to spend $5 – which often meant a coffee and something sweet)

Coffee Supplier – Imported by Aroma Fresh Coffee, roasted in Adelaide and sold under the Bear Bar logo

Fair Trade – no mention in store or on their website, so it would be safe to assume – No.

Venue Suitable for:

  • Quiet Chat – possibly, although the store can become quiet busy, especially on weekends.
  • Deep and Meaningful – Not really – the loud orange and brown decor, does not really lend itself to D&Ms and the music – which is quiet – contains many popular songs of the 80s and 90s and lends itself to the barista adding his voice in song – and I must admit to humming ‘The Piano Man’ myself.
  • Study and Reflection – On a weekday afternoon this is a great place for some study (not so much reflection), as it contains an Internode Internet Hotspot (although very slow), good sized tables and good coffee.

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